28 November 2008

Escape From Seoul

First of all, I was trapped on the bus to Seoul for three hours (usually takes about half an hour) because of traffic. Also lost my hat, I'm gonna miss that hat. Spent a few hours with friends, but the real fun didn't begin until it was time to go home.

I got to Yongsan Station just in time to miss the last train to Incheon on Friday night so I hopped the last train to Guro which is on the same line and in the right direction. The 'fun' started when I arrived in Guro and found that I couldn't get any of the ATM machines to take my card. For some strange reason, Korean (and Japanese) Banks lock up their ATM machines when it gets too late so you're forced to use the private machines that charge enormous fees, none of these machines would accept my card.

So, to recap, I'm trapped in Seoul without enough cash to get a cab ride home and I can not get the machine to spit out any more cash. Luckily, I met up with a drunk Korean guy who was also headed to Incheon and he agreed to split the fare and the night was saved.

The moral of this story is, don't miss the frigging train. If you do, don't let your store of walking around money get too low.

Found one instance of 'Creative English' that night.

No clue what this is supposed to mean
anyone have a clue?

Went to Dongdaemun the next day, good place to go if you want to buy clothing, bad place to go if you want to do much else.

Got a couple pictures of the gate below.


And the back

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