06 November 2009

Transfered to Wordpress

Thought I'd let the six people who read this know that I've decided to transfer to wordpress.com My new URL is http://commentariideperegini.wordpress.com/

01 November 2009

Learning Korean

There are a lot of great resources on line to help you learn a new language.

KOSNET - Site requires registration, haven't checked it out yet.

Koreanclass101.com - Also requires registration but you can get a large amount of their materials off itunes.

Sogang Korean Program - Put up by Sogang University, this site has one of the best tools I've seen to help learn the Korean alphabet.

Quite a few more and I plan to add them as I have the time and inclination.

The Warrior Song

Someone said that this song reminded them of the cadences they used to chant. I can't think of a better description. Kinda makes me want to reenlist, heh.