14 March 2009

Seoul Racecourse Park

Bronze at The Entrance

Went to the horse races last week (and today) and had a great time. The park was originally built to hold some of the equestrian events for the Seoul Olympic games. After the games were finished, they turned it into a racetrack.

The Outside of the Stadium

The Outside of the Stadium


There is a special foreigner lounge on the fourth floor. Unlike the seats in the above photo, the lounge is enclosed, heated/air conditioned, and staffed with people that know some English.

Winning Ticket
1000 on 7 to place
500 on 7 to win

Minimum bet is 100 won (about six cents) maximum bet is 100,000 won (about sixty US dollars). To bet, you fill out a ticket and take it to the cashier. Pay the cashier and she'll (all of them were women) give you a receipt. Take the receipt and your ticket and feed them into the machine next to the cashier's window (receipt first) and it'll give you something that looks like the above.

There's a better set of directions along with pictures in a brochure that can be picked up at the entrance of the foreigners' lounge.

The Race is About to Start

The Way Out

The Exit

To get there, take line four to Seoul Racecourse Park Station. (Seoul Subway Map)

For more information, you can go to the KRA Homepage or the Horse Racing in Korea Blog

The National Assembly

Going to have to arrange a tour of the place some day. I've toured the National Diet building in Japan and Congress in the US, Korea will make three.

The Tallest Building in Seoul