07 August 2009

Flying Around Tokyo

Hat Tip: ROK Drop

Tactical Internet Pants

Depending on your geek/mall ninja level, you may or may not have heard about the wonderful invention known as Tactical Internet Pants. I'm referring of course to 5.11's wonderful Tactical Pants. These were originally designed to be rock climber pants, they were then picked up by the FBI, since the FBI used them it quickly came to be that police officer or mall ninja was properly dressed unless they were clad in a pair. Recently, Geeks and Nerds of all strips have discovered these wonderful things and have been taking advantage of these tough and functional cargo pants. If you, like me, think that fifty bucks a pair is a bit much to spend then I have good news for you. L.A. Police Gear is currently selling them for around twenty a pair on their 5.11 clearance page (I paid about seventeen and they went up a few bucks to twenty three in the last day or two).

What I like:

1. Easy access to the back pockets.
2. They're made of a thick cotton canvas and appear to be quite durable.
3. Lots of pockets.
4. Comfortable.

What I don't like:

1. Limited number of colors, to be fair this was because I bought them on clearance.
2. Make me look like a cop/mall ninja. Not that I have anything against cops or ninjas, not even the mall type.

In closing, I heartily recommend that you get a pair of these things. At twenty a pair, you can't go wrong and if you act now (always wanted to say that) you can use the product code THANKS15 to get fifteen percent off your purchase from L.A Police Gear.

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In the interest of full disclosure: I'm not affiliated with any of the mentioned companies or entities and have not received any sort of compensation for this review. Though if any of the above companies or entities would like to give me some sort of compensation, that would be just swell.

On a more personal note, I'm back in Oregon and quickly remembering why I left in the first place.