23 November 2008

Agricultural Museum

Went to the Seoul Museum and the Agricultural Museum today, pictures were not allowed in either museum but I got a few in the Ag Museum before some old lady told me to stop.

Agricultural Museum is on line 5 and it's across the street from Seodaemun Station. Seoul Museum is a few blocks further up the street.

The Agricultural Museum is sponsored by Nonghyup the farmer's bank (also my bank). The Seoul Museum is sponsored by the city of Seoul (I think). Admission to both banks was free, Seoul Museum usually charges but it's free on some Sundays.

Neither Museum was great, both were worth a walk through though.

The Entrance


First half

Second Half

I have nothing to add

Would have been nice to have a little detail

He's at least twice as good as irrigation

Don't laugh, Irrigation is important

But less then half as important as king what's his name

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