18 June 2009

Flying In And Around Seoul

Video Taken From A Blackhawk

12 June 2009

Bukchon and More

Spent some time in Bukchon a couple weeks ago. Bukchon is located near Jongno 3 station and Kyongbuk Palace Station.



Another Street

Japanese Ramen Place

(Across the street from the museum of chicken art)

The Ramen

Better then 81 ramen in Itewan in my opinion, still looking for Kitsune Ramen.

Cool House

Chicken Art Museum
(Just follow the signs)
Telephone: 82-763-9995
Foreign: 82-2-763-9992

Exterior Shot

Admission is 3,000 won if I remember right. Fairly small museum but worth it just to say I went to the Chicken Museum.

Old Church

Another Street Shot

And Another

Tax Museum

This is located near the US Embassy and in the national tax office, just follow the signs.

Another small museum. About half of the museum is dedicated to distillation which was the interesting part for me. Admission is free.

Not just do the legal thing,
to do right thing!

Picture of a Ceramic Soju Still
Don't think I've ever seen ceramic stills before.

Here's the Real Thing

The Distillation Desplay

And here's a model of a modern distillery.

Recommend this one if you're in the area, it's a couple blocks away from Kyobo book store http://www.kyobobook.co.kr/index.laf so it might be something to do on the way to or from a trip to restock the library.