13 January 2009

Seodaemun Prison

Seodaemun Prison was used by the Japanese to hold Korean resistance fighters until the Japanese lost control of Korea. After Korea became independent it was used by the Korean government for several years.

Picture of the main gate

And another from a different angle

Here's the other side

Picture of the rock outcropping that faces the prison from the prison grounds

The Administration Building

Many of the exhibits were housed in this building, below is an example.

There were several wax figures torturing other wax figures, compete with sound effects

An old man approached me at this part of the museum and (I'm fairly sure) he explained (in very broken English) that it wasn't just the Japanese who used the prison and that the prison was used by the government to house and 'interrogate' left wing activists after the war.

Mystery Object

My guess is that it was a laundry or cooking pot. There was an explanation in the plaque but it was in Korean and I don't understand Korean well enough to have any clue what it said.

Corpse Removal Tunnel

This tunnel was used to remove the corpses of people who had been executed. It sits right behind the execution building.

Women's Prison

The cells are sunk below the level of the ground, they built the above building over the remains of the old building.

Closer Look at The Above

Some Building
Took The Picture From Prison Grounds

The 'Don't Get Your Bag' caught in the door graphic

The women's version

To get there: Take line three (Orange) to Dongnimmun station (exit 5) it's right there. Admission is 1,500 won for adults. Closed Mondays and holidays.

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