08 January 2009


It's winter vacation and I'm stuck in school, so are the students.

It is officially winter vacation and despite that they still have mandatory extra classes that the students have to attend. I don't have to teach any of these classes but I'm still expected to show up. This has given me a lot of free time and so I've been taking the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood and I've seen and tasted a couple of interesting things.

Yesterday, I saw a truck back up to what I'm fairly sure is a restaurant. This truck had metal boxes in the back of it and after a short amount of time, the driver opened one of these boxes up and pulled out a live dog which was then led into the restaurant. Guess I know what they serve there.

Today I got lunch at a small restaurant (not the dog place) and as I ate my meal, I saw a lot of my students come up and order what appeared to be corndogs from a large open window that covered the front of the shop. After finishing my meal, I ordered one of the 'corndogs' to eat on my walk back to school. The guy selected one of the larger ones he'd cooked and asked if I wanted him to put on what I assumed was salt, I agreed and he handed me my snack. All I have to say about the meal is that sugar and mustard do not go together, I still have the aftertaste in my mouth and it's vile.

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