14 January 2009


As the cafeteria is closed for the winter holiday and I still have to show up to work, I've been eating out a lot for the past couple of weeks. My meals have ranged from Ramyeon, to Jumakbap (Rice Ball).

Today I was in the mood for soup so I stopped in the first restaurant that had pictures of soup in the window.

The soup was a spicy soup filled with onions and a mystery meat that still had the skin attached to it. The meat was very tender and fatty with the same texture of very tender beef. The taste is hard to describe but it was quite good, a bit gamy but good.

I finished my meal and asked the lady what I'd just eaten, she informed me that it was called Bosintang and asked me if I had enjoyed it. I assured her that I did and returned to school.

On the short walk to school, I began wondering to myself why Bosintang sounded so familiar so I cornered the first two students I saw and asked them what it was.

For those that haven't guessed, Bosintang is dog meat soup. I had planned on trying dog meat while I was in Korea but I wanted to know what it was I was eating before hand so I could pay more attention to the flavors, as it is I payed more attention to the program on the television that showed how to make Kimchi.

I knew that there was at least one dog meat restaurant near my school, now I've found another.


  1. Eat it again and pay more attention this time. I know how you feel about it, i ate cat without knowing it at a restaurant. Didn't know it was cat, just thought it was good. As it is, cat IS the other white meat. And i'm hoping to try Bosintang one day, but only if you try it again and describe it better. :)

  2. I've tried cat, it's not bad.