01 December 2008

Movie Week

So I decided to show my class a movie this week. Went to the local Home Plus and looked over the discount rack. To make a long story short, I picked up 'Charlie Wilson's War' and popped it in.

For those of you that have never seen it before, 'Charlie Wilson's War' contains quite a bit of nudity in the first few minutes of the movie. The students loved it, the Korean co-teacher was not happy.

Lesson Learned, don't show movies that you haven't watched first.

Such is life I suppose

1 comment:

  1. oh my god . . . i'm howling in my apartment . . . why not show them the first 20 mins of "Saving Private Ryan" while you're at it? LOL . . . . better yet, show them "Crash" (the one with the car crashes and tons of sex) . . . . too funny!

    thanks for the laugh,