18 December 2008

'Free' on-line TESOL course

That's right folks, a free TESOL course through TESOL Global, well for certain values of free anyway. It looks like they've posted their entire course online for perusal, if you want a certificate then you gotta pay for it. Price seems to be fairly reasonable at 81 USD and they claim that it will get you the extra cash from the Korean Government. I've decided to give it a try and I will be sure to post my experiences.

I don't know much about TESOL Global. They're affiliated in some way with the Asian EFL Journal which is where I learned about the above course.


  1. Dude, I looked at this site for all of 1 minute and quickly discovered why it's "free."

    I would look at the ITTT website (http://www.teflonline.net/)(I got my 100 hour TEFL certificate here) if you want to do online ESL/EFL training. You gotta pay, but that's true about everything in life.

    From the FAQ section.
    5. Are you accredited?
    Answer:- There are two official accrediting authorities. One is owned by the parent of this organization and thus we do not claim accreditation from an internal source. Indeed, our parent has accredited other worthy courses you should consider. We are a Legally established business under the business laws of Korea, Australia, The Philippines and USA. As part of an international group of academic journals accepted worldwide by over 300 universities, an editorial board of over 400 academics and professional TESOL advisors, plus the only organization globally to hold International EFL Conferences, we submit our qualifications for your consideration.

  2. Planning to take an actual course at some point in the future. Mostly taking this one to find out if the government will accept it and to kill time over winter break.

  3. HI, Did you end up taking this course? I paid up a couple of weeks ago and they haven't responded to my emails since. I beginning to think i've been had.

    John in Japan

  4. Hi, Did you get any responses from them yet?