03 December 2008

Fisher Space Pen

I carry one of these things on a daily basis and I frigging love it. Writes every time, has some heft, and the grooves give a surprisingly secure grip.

That said, out of the three models I've tried; the first was annoying, the second sucked, and the third is the only one that gets my endorsement.

The 'Bullet' is the cheapest and probably the most common model. I'm not incredibly fond of it because it's a two piece pen and I hate having to take off the cap.

The CH4 'Shuttle' I own has a weak spring and decided to stop working after about three months of use. As an aside, I'm gonna have to dig it up and send it in for repair one of these days.

The one that lives in my pocket on a daily basis is the AG-7, the pen that went to the moon with the astronauts. The one thing I don't like about this pen is that the chrome finish makes it want to slip out of my pocket.

MSRP is around sixty bucks or so, I'm fairly sure I got mine on Amazon for between twenty to thirty dollars.

It's just nice to have something in this throw away society that was built to last.

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