18 September 2008

More Photos

Decided to post a couple more pics. No exciting landmarks this time, just part of last night's dinner and one of my apartment.

First we have a bottle of Soju. Normally about twenty percent alcohol, it can be found everywhere and I see people downing one or two of these with every meal. Taste is a bit sweet to me though several people have described it as tasting like rubbing alcohol. It can be drunk straight or mixed with any one of a number of flavors, most of which taste a lot like koolaid to me.

Above we have something that looks a bit like a bowl full of polystyrene packing peanuts. Most bars seem to have them out for patrons to munch on while they drink. The taste is a bit like polystyrene mixed with sugar.

Here's my apartment, gotta love hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings. It's a studio and the bathroom and kitchen area are behind me. A bit small for the US but not for Korea, I've got a family of six living next to me in an apartment that't the same size.

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