16 September 2008

More Photos

First picture is the 'Big Brother is Watching YOU' mascot. You mostly see this little guy outside banks and such, though I have seen him in a few other places.

On the left, you see some of the creepiest underwear manikins that I've ever seen. This is from 'Grandmart' a local department store about two blocks from my apartment.

On the right is my dinner today, Kalbi is frigging great. I've been all about the Sam Gyeop Sar before today, every day I've tried to order this stuff it's turned out that I've wandered into a place that sells everything but this, finally had the beef. Lesson learned is that I really need to learn to read Korean.

Rub a dub dub, three guys in a tub. Not quite sure what this add is all about.

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