05 February 2009


Apartment Art

I was trying to get somewhere last week and I ended up in the small town of Guri.

The mounted archer dude on this apartment was on all sorts of things leading me to believe that it's some sort of town symbol.

Apartment Block in Guri

Bridge over a highway in Guri

Wholesale food market in Guri

This was the main attraction in Guri (seriously), I also saw signs for 'Guri Tower' but I never made it to that fascinating location.

Burned out bus in Guri

This was the most exciting thing to be found in Guri.

I thought it was a good name
closed so I didn't have a chance to try it out
also in Guri

In conclusion, Guri looked like a good place to live but I wouldn't want to visit (again).

To get there, hop on the Jungang line and get off in Guri station. It's as simple as that.

Guy in a Costume

Ran into this guy in a subway station in Seoul, he was nice enough to let me take his picture. I've got no idea why he's dressed like that and my Korean is no where near good enough to ask.

Apartment Complex

A block of identical apartments in Incheon, there are about a hundred more apartment buildings in site that look exactly like these. I'm fairly glad I don't live in one of these complexes since I can see myself playing 'where do I live' late at night.

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